Airline/Aviation Security

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Airline / Aviation Security

The recent upsurge of global terrorism especially on airlines and their operations, Aviation and its installations; Onavo Express Delivery has trained its security officers proficiently in the expertise of combat and safeguarding all Aviation installations from unauthorized interference. We also guarantee the highest standard in all aspect of safeguarding Aviation installations by ensuring the requirements of (ICAO) are applied at all times.

The following controls are applied by Magnum to effectively protect they installations:

  • Ensure employees or visitors who gain access into the installation do not carry weapons, explosive or other dangerous devices which may be used to commit an act of unlawful interference.

Airline / Aviation security

  • Ensure that only adequately trained and qualified Magnum Staff will perform duties at such installations.
  • Establish a checklist or register of all employees or visitors who gain access into the installation

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